When you rent a car you should know (Part II)

When you rent a car you need to check if the car is equipped with everything necessary – first aid kit, fire extinguisher, emergency triangle and reflective vest. The car must have valid liability and documents for annual technical inspection.

Usually all rent a car companies in Bulgaria include insurance against damage to the car and insurance against theft of the car. Before you pick up the car, check if there are any damages, scratches and distortions that are not described in the condition of the car. It is important to revise the tires condition and do they have sufficient tread depth. And check the tire pressure.

As in all large cities in Bulgaria parking in the central areas in Sofia is also paid. The payment for the use of blue zone can be done via SMS, in advance and it is per hour. In our capital there are many parking spots located in the center of the town, both private and municipal.

We sofia-rent-a-car.com advise you to be careful for warning and prohibition signs! If the parking place is prohibited the car may be placed to municipal garage. To take back your car you will have to go to the garage and to pay the fine. You can check if the car is taken by phone 02/983 6747. Free parking in Sofia can also be found, but not easy and in remote areas.



Stefan Stefanow

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