Architectural and historical reserve of Bozhentsi

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Maybe everybody of us has heard about the area of Bozhentsi and the rich history of the village, but whether all of us have been there? Indeed, architectural and historical reserve of Bozhentsi is one of the one hundred national historical objects of Bulgaria and it is in the list of UNESCO’s cultural monuments, which every Bulgarian would like to visit.
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Bozhentsi is a small picturesque village which is situated in the Central part of Stara Planina mountains in 15 km from Gabrovo, and a small river passes through it. There are 110 houses and 500 inhabitants in the village. According to the local legends the village was founded by a young female noble (bolyarka) Bozhana and her nine sons more than 600 years ago. Even today, in 21st century, entering the village one becomes immediately immersed in a unique atmosphere, carrying the spirit of rebellious and strong spirit of Balkan. Visiting this amazing sight you will be able to enjoy the house-museum “Doncho Popov” built back in the 19th century which was owned by one of the richest and most wealthy merchants of the village. You will be immersed in the history and livelihood of the Bulgarians in the “Mengema” (from Bulgarian – “vise”) – the only workshop for purification of wax at our country, as well as you’ll have the opportunity to see real authentic church school.

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The village has an extremely rich cultural and folklore program throughout the year. Bulgarian traditions are preserved and each holiday has festivals and events – from painting eggs for Easter to real “koleduvane” (caroling at Christmas time), art exhibitions and folk concerts.

With its truly Bulgarian authentic atmosphere of National Revival period houses, picturesque stone walls, forged gates and small shops, Bozhentsi sends us back in time and carries us into the ordinary life of the Bulgarians in the 18th and 19th centuries. In some of museum houses rich expositions of objects and images that tell us about wealthy families participated with donations and funds for the construction of churches and schools are presented. There is a possibility of recreation in the whole village, there are various pubs, cafes and small antique shops with souvenirs.

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When you arrive at this true Bulgarian place small pleasant guesthouses which will make your vacation complete and most relaxing are waiting for you. Only for the price of 29 lv. they invite you to the double room at guesthouses “Petko Kichukov”, “Ivan Karadimitrov” and the guesthouse “Mariya Savekova” which was built during 18th century and has retained its autenticity and appearance from that time. It is even possible to rent whole house with a yard an an indoor balcony on the second floor for 68 lv. for one night – guesthouse “Tsana Mikhova”.

Many hotels and villas near the village also will take care of your comfort and recreation. The hotel of “Bozhentsi” is at your disposal, it’s situated in 2 km from the reserve and offers all amenities, including a playground, terrace with barbecue and oven specialties by master – chef. The house of “Kapitanovata kashta” (from Bulgarian – “The Captain’s house”) is made entirely of stone and oak, and impresses with its architecture and style. The hotel of “Strannopriemnitsata” (from Bulgarian – “The Inn”) grabs you with a huge summer garden, a spacious restaurant and culinary surprises from the traditional Bulgarian cuisine.

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