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Here is the right place to find the perfect car hire. We offer a wide variety of cars, from which you can pick, to suit every need you may have. You can pick different classes, models, and brands in different price categories. If you need to rent a car, turn to us. Our client-friendly and qualified service team will help you pick the right model car hire according to your need. We will also give you advice on the extra additions, which we offer, as they can save you time and money.

What is a car rental service?

A car rental agency, also known as a car rental company, is a company that rents out cars for short or long periods for a fee. The company usually has many local branches and is located near airports or busy urban areas. It is served by a website with an online reservation system, which facilitates the process.

Rent-a-car companies mainly serve customers who have their car, but it is temporarily unavailable. For example, people who are on a trip or business visit to a foreign city or owners of damaged vehicles who are waiting for repairs or insurance compensation.

In addition to the basic car rental, car rental agencies usually offer additional products such as insurance, global positioning navigation systems, entertainment systems, and more.

How to rent a car?

Having a reserved rental car for your trip to Sofia and Bulgaria will make your visit pleasant and comfortable. However, there are some key policies and restrictions that need to be followed to ensure that each tenant is eligible.

What you need to do to book a car rental with us:

When renting a car from Pro Rent A Car, you must present a valid driving license.

Identity document proving that you have reached 23 years of age and at least 3 years of experience as a driver, and for luxury cars – 25 years of age. and 5 years of driving experience.

Tenants under 23 and / or 3d. driving experience pays an additional fee of € 4.5 per day and a double deposit.

The car can be driven only by the Lessee, who is registered in the lease agreement.

Upon concluding the contract, the Lessee owes the agreed rental price for the car and a deposit, in cash or by blocking the amount by credit card.

What to do when you go to pick up a reserved car from the airport or other point?

Bring your ID, credit card, and confirmation number. The car rental company will ask to see your driver’s license and credit card.

Observe the pick-up and drop-off times. Car rental reservations are guaranteed for the pick-up time specified by you. If you decide to pick up the car earlier or return it later, this will certainly change the agreed rate.

Examine the vehicle carefully before getting on and off. Check the exterior, glass, and interior of the car, take pictures of any scratches or other damage you find, and ask the company to record them before you leave.

What to do when returning a rental car?

First, fill the tank with fuel, because you need to return the car refueled. Search and find the nearest gas station to where you should leave the car. Keep in mind that if you return the car with a fuel gauge less than full, the charging fee is usually quite hefty.

Return the vehicle during working hours. Some car rental companies allow you to make a return after business hours, during which the renter parks the car on the plot and puts the keys in a storage box, but this service is paid extra.

Record all damages. If the car was damaged during the rental, the car company will require a report of a change in condition. Take pictures to prove how great the damage is. Unless you have an accident report showing that the other party is fully responsible for the damage, the car rental company will charge you for the damage.

Get a receipt. Whether printed or emailed, a copy of the return receipt shows that the vehicle was returned on a specific date, time, mileage, and fuel level.

Where to get a car rental?

We can provide you with a rental car anywhere in the country, as well as arrange a pick-up at the airport, where you can get your car directly. We offer a wide variety of cars according to your individual needs and specific routes. You can choose different classes, models, and brands in different price categories. Our responsive and qualified service team will help you choose the right car rental model according to your requirements. We will also give you further clarification on any additional services that may save you time and money.

You can choose from the following car categories:

Economy class models – these are small cars, usually with 4 doors suitable for urban conditions and everyday use. They can be used by four people for shorter trips and two or three people for long distances. They are affordable and quite economical in terms of fuel consumption. These cars are a great opportunity for anyone looking for cheap options and great car rental deals.

Compact/Medium class models – The standard car is a standard size, which means it is larger than the compact models but not as large as a full-size sedan. These are vehicles suitable for longer trips, comfortably accommodate about 4-5 people and have extra luggage space. They usually have low fuel consumption and are easy to operate by almost any passenger.

Business-class models – With them, you demonstrate prestige and high class. These cars are distinguished from middle-class models, with their more powerful engines, comfortable interior, and elegant, eye-catching body. Traveling with this vehicle is a real pleasure and delight for the senses.

Advantages of the rent a car service

Whether you are traveling for pleasure or heading to your next business meeting, sometimes you need a vehicle, and renting a car is the most convenient way to transport. See what are the main advantages of this service:

Experience more

Driving can be one of the best ways to enjoy your vacation. Since it’s all up to you, you don’t have to worry about when you will start your journey and where you will end it. You can take as many breaks as you want to eat and take pictures, enjoying the picturesque views along the way. When renting a car, you can save mileage and depreciation on your car, especially on long journeys.

Greater safety and performance with rent a car service

Rental cars are probably in much better technical condition than your car and have less mileage than it, and service is much more regular. This is done to ensure that customers will be able to enjoy safe and peaceful driving during their vacation.

24 hours roadside assistance

In case of damage, which does not happen often, but during the trip is quite possible, you can always count on 24-hour roadside assistance. The service includes, change in case of flat tires, towing services, or emergency fuel delivery.

Choose your rent a car

Based on the type of vacation you are planning, you can choose the type of car you need for the trip. Car rental companies offer a wide selection of car groups to choose from. So whether you need a 4×4 SUV or a luxury car, you have many options. Choosing a rental car also gives you a chance to test the car you are considering buying. This way you gain practical experience in driving it, gaining a clear idea of its extras and performance.

Convenience when traveling internationally

If you are visiting a country for the first time, renting a car can be a cheap and easy way to transport. Some car rental companies even offer useful additional services such as mobile phones and GPS rental, which make it easier to travel to an unfamiliar place.

Make sure you do thorough research on the various car rental companies in the area. Make sure you rent a car from a trusted service provider that offers easy pick-up and returns. Also, make sure you understand the rules of driving in the country and have a valid international driver’s license before renting a car. If you are a frequent traveler abroad, look for car rental services that have loyalty programs. Those that allow you to enjoy discounts and lower prices.

Easy booking and payment

The convenience of renting a car these days is that you can make your reservation online and even make payments with your credit card. Renting a car couldn’t be easier than that.

You can choose from:

 economical car hire models, suitable for urban settings and day-to-day use

 standard car rentals – class vehicles for longer trips

 luxurious and more presentable model car hire

Pro  Rent a Car Sofia strives to always have the best prices and quality of service on the market for car rentals. We allow you to rent the vehicle not only for a day or a week but for longer periods as well.

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