Car rental according to the zodiac sign :)

Each zodiac sign has its own characteristics, which is why the journey for each is a different experience, preceded by a different type of preparation (or complete lack of such).
Here are the most suitable destinations for the representatives of each of the zodiac signs according to astrologers:

Aries – Thailand
Aries is a born traveler, extremely active and always looking for new horizons to discover. As a fire sign, he usually prefers warm destinations. That’s why he would feel great in Thailand, where he could explore the mountainous north or dive around the southern islands.

Taurus – Cuba
Taurus likes to be prepared for anything that could happen on his vacation. He likes to challenge himself with destinations off the beaten track to make his vacation as exciting as possible. An ideal place for him is Cuba, where he will find inspiration for his adventurous spirit.

Gemini – Italy
The twins are social animals and active travelers. They love not only to discover side streets, but also to make new friends along the way. They would feel great in Italy, where the locals are sociable and every corner hides unexpected pleasures for body and soul.

Cancer – Egypt
Cancer likes to be near water and spend his vacation with family and close friends. Destinations like Egypt make him feel really good – tranquility, rich culture, great diving locations and cruises on the Nile …

Leo – France
Loire castles will make Leo feel as comfortable as possible for him – as a real royal person. Add to this classics of no less royal origin such as the Louvre and Versa, and there is no denying that France is the destination of the dreams of this zodiac sign.

Virgo – India
Virgos like to have a plan for the places they will visit, to know the opening hours of the sights and how much money they will need for a ticket. Although they sometimes allow themselves to deviate from their plan, they prefer the general picture to be clear to them. That is why suitable for them are tourist cities such as Paris and Rome, where there is much to discover. However, if you want to challenge them, offer them a trip to a more chaotically organized destination such as India.

Libra – Portugal
Libra are calm and friendly people. Send them to Portugal and take them through the streets of the old quarters of Lisbon and Porto to find new friends and hidden places that are not present in the guides. The casual lifestyle of the Portuguese will captivate them.

Scorpio – Albania
Scorpios do not like common talk and do not feel comfortable if they are surrounded by many people night after night. Destinations are perfect for them, which allow them to be alone at any time they want. Albania, with its secluded beaches on the Adriatic coast (outside several major resorts) and its fabulously beautiful mountains, in which no human foot seems to have set foot, is the destination for them.

Sagittarius – Morocco
Archers love to be outdoors, to explore the world like real discoverers. For them, traveling is not only a pleasure, but also a way to learn more about the world, about foreign cultures. They will feel great in Morocco, where they can combine a walk in the desert with discovering the culture of ancient cities.

Capricorn – Santorini
Capricorn works hard and puts just as much effort into his rest. He loves places with history, where not just to lie all day, but to have something to discover. The Greek islands – led by the beautiful Santorini, are the perfect destination for the representatives of this zodiac sign.

Aquarius – Russia
This is the most curious zodiac sign. He is interested in history and culture, as well as politics and traditions. He likes to deepen his communication with people, to discover what lies behind the tourist facade. That’s why Aquarius would feel great in Russia as well.

Pisces – Sweden
Pisces are dreamers and like places where they can relax, observe and if possible be close to water – in any form. They are very spiritual, they are also interested in culture, so their destinations should have less of all. They would feel great in Sweden.