Common Driving Mistakes

The sad reality is that most people think they are better drivers than the average person. Statistics-wise this cannot be true of course, but it shows a problems that keeps growing throughout the years and even more so with the development of technology that we see. Also it isn’t quite clear what a good driver really is – is he a good driver who doesn’t go over the speed limit or the one who knows to speed up in the “faster” lane? We have compiled a list of the most common driving mistakes for you to avoid. No matter if you are using rental cars or your own vehicle, this article will be useful for you.

  1. Getting easily distracted

It is important to remember that while you are on the road, driving whatever kind of vehicle, you have responsibilities towards other drivers. Sadly, people seem to forget that other drivers aren’t supposed to know what someone has in mind when driving. Many people get easily distracted by things on the road and often they forget to switch lanes, turn on the turning signals or other similar things. This only leads to frustration and can actually cause accidents.

It is important to pay attention at all times. Keep your eyes on the road. It’s OK to glance a road sign, but don’t get too distracted, as you may accidentally switch lanes or even drift into the opposite direction lane.

  1. Not knowing how to use the pedals optimally

Many drivers, especially younger ones, don’t really try to familiarize themselves with their car. Thus they end up pushing the pedals way too hard and if you have ever driven manual, you know how important it is to be gentle with the pedals, especially the clutch. Sure, there are new mechanisms that somewhat negate rough behavior, but it is still prevalent among drivers to forcibly press the pedals, which only hurts the engine and wastes gas.

  1. Not learning how to park well

Now this one is not necessarily a mistake, as not every person is gifted with amazing special awareness and that’s why parking sensors exist, but still, many people don’t even take the time to learn basic parking techniques. It isn’t enough to depend on what the driving instructor says to you. Find a nice place and practice parking, especially parallel.

  1. Using mobile phones

Phones are a big part of our society and our lives as a whole. We may even become obsessed by them. However, too many drivers use them while driving and this is a real problem. If there is an urgent text or call you have to take and you don’t have a hands-free device, than just stop your car for a minute and take the call. Keep yourself and others safe.

  1. Going through the yellow light

Although going through the yellow light is not exactly breaking the law, it is ill-advised. Yes, if you cannot stop safely, you shouldn’t try to, but many people see the yellow light and push the gas pedal to the limit. This is especially dangerous as many people can’t handle their vehicles properly at fast acceleration.

With these tips we hope that you will stay safe on the road and have a nice trip.