Summer Excursion to the Panorama

Car rentals Sofia – Probably anyone of us knows that the battle by Pleven was the hardest and the most enduring battle of the Russian-Turkush Liberating war in 1877. Namely in Pleven Osman-pasha transmits his sword, and the siege of the city lasts for 5 months, while the capturing of the city is one of the most decisive moments in the war.

The museum and the panorama of “Pleven epopee” was built on the 10th of December, 1977, in honour of 100 ages of the Liberation of Pleven. The impressive memorial is built in Skobelev park where during the third attack of the Pleven siege the hardest and the most enduring hostilities take place. The Panorama of Pleven is included in the list of 100 National Tourist Objects of Bulgaria. It’s interesting that the body of the building looks like built on four pillars, each of three of them symbolizes three attacks on the city, and the fourth one symbolizes its siege.

Inside the Panorama consists of four halls, where every visitor can see various beautiful pictures expressing the moments of grueling and raw fighting. There is no doubt that your breath will stop when you go upstairs to the panorama hall, which illustrates the most dramatic actions of the third attack to the city, and the whole round hall is decorated with impressive pictures of 115 meters high, which show the hostilities. And the most impressive moment is when you notice that the edges of the picture merges with the real reconstruction of authentic weapons, trenches and objects…

It’s not occasionally that the impressive Panorama is called Pleven epopee. Nearly for 6 months the most cruel and the most internecine fights take place in the Dead valley and its districts, and on the very battlefield this tremendous monument rises – in the very place, where thousands people had died and on the very place, where more than 2.5 million people have come by today to touch the history, to be proud of their origin, to call themselves Bulgarians…

The Panorama of “Pleven epopee” is always opened for the visitors, there are guides who will make sure that you learn well about the military and tactical actions from the history. The entry fee is from 1 to 3 lv., and for 6 lv. you will enjoy an engrossing talk with a professional guide.
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The city of Pleven offers you a lot of sightseeing, pleasant emotions and uniquely beautiful places. The huge square, mausoleum in the centre and, of course, the large park of “Kaylaka”, where you can find several restaurants, cafe, the zoo and a little dam. At a decent price you can try traditional Bulgarian cuisine, you will enjoy beautiful nature, majestic rock terraces and natural sights there.

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