The Most Important Cars of All Time

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Throughout the years many cars have been manufactured, which with their design, mechanics or presentation made their way into the hearts of people. And no matter what we say, cars definitely shape our society and way of life. However, there are some vehicles out there, which have affected the culture and car manufacturing so much, that they will remain in history as truly iconic. Here we will mention some of them and we will tell you a bit about their history. We haven’t sorted them by importance, but by personal choice. And if you need a rental vehicle, don’t hesitate to take a look at our services. Give us a call if you have any questions

  1. Toyota Prius

Why are we opening our list with this vehicle? Aren’t there better suited, more impressive, better looking and more important vehicle to take the first place? There surely are. However, the reason we have picked this one is because we are in such a situation as a society, that electrical cars are indeed our future. And which car better represents the mass produced hybrids than the 1997 Toyota Prius, which became the first hybrid car available to the public. There is no denial how huge the influence of this car is in the growth of the hybrid vehicle market.

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  1. Porsche 911

Not everyone knows this model, but everyone knows the brand. Actually there may not exist a car enthusiast who doesn’t know what the 911 model really is and represents. What this model actually achieves is to present a unique design with excellent horse power of the engine, which not only meets the demands of the everyday driver, but of the car racer as well. That’s right, this car has been used by professional racers. The 911 model has made the Porsche brand so recognizable and its influence can be seen in most of the recent models. This 1964 model manages to stay in the minds of people for more than half a century and its influence is still present.

  1. Ford Model T

For some people out there this is probable the most influential vehicle of all times. But we have decided to put it in the third place, because much has been said about it already, that we don’t really need to add more. This is the vehicle, with the help of which car manufacturing has grown so much and has really affected the mass consumer. Thanks to Ford Model T the economy was also boosted as the many job openings provided by it helped people stay employed, but it also decreased its manufacturing cost by quite a lot. We see its effects even in the 21st century.

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  1. Google Driverless Car

Well, it is true that this isn’t written history yet, and it may be in the near future, but we are certain that this car will definitely write history. Driverless cars are knocking at the door, right at our doorstep, and we even expect them to hit the roads by 2020. But even if it isn’t so soon in the next two decades we will definitely be swept by driverless car. They will change the business, the economy and will open a new page in the book of history.
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