Tips for safe driving during the summer season

According to recent statistics, the summer season, rather than the winter as some would expect, is actually more dangerous for the drivers. As surprising as it is, during the summer months from June through August there have been more fatal car crashes than the winter months in comparison. Of course, there are many variables that affect these rates, such as the rise in automobiles on the roads, which is caused by the vacation season. With the better weather we also see a rise in road works, which often infuriate drivers, making them less cautious on the road ahead.

We want to help you prepare for summer season driving. That is why we have some useful advice, by which you can at least partially be sure, that your next adventure on the roads won’t bring any misfortune. If you need to rent a vehicle for your summer vacation, don’t hesitate to use our services. However, our tips will be useful not only for rented vehicles, but for your personal one as well.

1. We cannot stress this enough, but you should always be aware of the condition of your tires. Maintaining your tires will help you reduce the risk of accidents, because the handling is better, you use up less gas and as a whole the life of the tires extends quite a bit. So maintenance of the tires is of huge importance.

2. This may not be directly related to the construction of your car, but it still affects it. When you start packing for your trip, don’t go overboard, if your car can’t handle all the baggage well. Many people try to cram so many stuff into smaller cars and this just makes things worse. You will not only use more gas, but your car loses a bit of the handling and your vision can be restricted, because of all the baggage block the rear view mirror.

3. Even when you are not driving, heat will probably drive you crazy. You should be careful about it doubly so when driving. Always keep the A/C at reasonably cool levels. If the car gets too hot, you are more prone to dizziness on the road and actually fainting is also a possibility. As for the glare from the sun, always have a pair of sunglasses nearby, even if you don’t like to wear them, because sometimes they are your only option.

4. Because summer is so hot, this also means that rains are more common. Summer storms aren’t a rare occurrence as well. Be extra careful when driving on a wet surfaces, because the dirt on the road and the rain mix up. This creates a rather slippery surface and stopping may prove to be a difficulty. Drive a bit more slowly and don’t try to stop suddenly, as you can lose control of your car.

5. This tip is a general one, but applies especially well in the summer – don’t be selfish. Warmer weather means more people on bikes and motorcycles will be joining the traffic on the roads. Keep them safe and give them passage. Don’t drive too close to them, in order to avoid any risk of accidents.

Wherever you go this summer, these tips will be especially helpful for your safety and the safety of others.