Greece with Rent a car Sofia

After from 02.05.2022. all mandatory anti-epidemic measures for Greece have been dropped, you can now easily plan your unforgettable summer vacation in the country of the warm sun, picturesque beaches, and amazing food with rent a car.

When you hear about a trip to Greece, you probably imagine a ferry trip to one of the famous islands or a long bus ride to a historic site. But renting a car is a great way to get off the beaten track and enrich your experiences. This way you will have freedom and more flexibility in choosing your route. This will allow you to visit small villages, remote archeological sites, and secluded beaches, where you can immerse yourself in the typical Greek atmosphere and get to know the local people.

We at Pro rent a car and will take care of your pleasant and trouble-free trip with the most suitable rental car according to your requirements and needs. We offer a wide range of cars of different classes such as economical, standard, and luxury. And if you are a fan of cars with automatic transmission, do not hesitate to book, we have some.

Here are some basic things to know before you get behind the wheel in Greece:

• In Greece, drive on the right side of the road.

• Seat belts are mandatory for front-seat passengers.

• When driving in Greece, an international driver’s license is required by law for all but UK / EU residents.

• It is illegal to use your mobile phone while driving in Greece. Don’t forget to take a stand for the dashboard.

• Google Maps is enough to navigate Greece. No need to rent a GPS.

• Speed ​​limits range from 50 km / h in cities to 120 km / h on motorways.

• There are only a few toll motorways in Greece, including the national motorway to Athens Airport. Fees can be paid by coin or with a credit card.

• Greece has a zero-tolerance policy for drunk driving, so keep the wine tasting for a day when you can leave the car.

• Avoid driving in or around Athens on weekends – roads are often blocked between Friday afternoon and Sunday.

Here are some suggestions for traveling to Greece by car:

1. Journey through central Greece: Thessaloniki to Meteora

Duration: 5-7 days

Distance traveled: approx. 350 kilometers (217 miles)

Highlights: Walk and stay in Thessaloniki, Museum of the Royal Tombs in Aegae, tourism in Mount Olympus, the monasteries of Meteora

2. Excursion to Halkidiki: Thessaloniki to Xanthi

    Duration: 5-7 days

Distance traveled: approx. 310 kilometers (193 miles)

Highlights: Beaches in Vourvourou, the ancient archeological site of Philippi, Panagia (the old town of Kavala), the monastery of Lake Vistonida

3. Journey to the island of Santorini: Oia to Akrotiri

Duration: 3 days

Distance traveled: approx. 50 km (31 miles)

Highlights: Churches with blue domes in Oia, swimming on Red Beach, panoramic views from the top of Santorini, sunset at the lighthouse of Akrotiri

4. Excursion to the island of Crete: from Chania to Rethymno

Duration: 7-10 days

Distance traveled: approx. 360 kilometers (224 miles)

Highlights: Beaches of Crete, walk in the Samara gorge, pottery workshops, natural baths in Loutro

5. Travel through central Greece: Athens to Patras

       Duration: 4-5 days

       Distance traveled: approx. 215 kilometers (134 miles)

       Highlights: Acropolis of Athens, Corinth Canal, Lighthouse of Patras

6. Ionian Coast: Journey from Athens to Parga

Duration: 4-5 days

Distance traveled: approx. 460 kilometers (286 miles)

Highlights: Ancient Nicopolis, boat cruise to the islands of Paxos and Antipaxos, Acheron River and Necromancer, beaches of Sivota

7. A trip for beach lovers: A tour of the island of Zakynthos

Duration: 3-4 days

Distance traveled: approx. 120 kilometers (75 miles)

Highlights: Navagio Shipwreck, Golden Sands of Banana Beach, Daphne Beach Turtles