Greece with Rent a car Sofia

The news that Greece plans to open its doors to tourists by May 14 has traveled around the world media and visitors from all over the world, thirsty for travel and the Greek sea, have started booking holidays at their favorite places.
If you are one of those who miss the Greek vacation, see which are the destinations for which you can now reserve places – both in May and during the warm summer months and we at Pro rent a car will take care of your pleasant and trouble-free travel with the most suitable car rental for you according to our classes economical, standard, luxury and if you are a fan of cars with automatic transmission do not hesitate to book we have a large range of them.
The popular destinations for your Greek vacation are;
Thassos is an island for a beach, for cycling, for climbing peaks, for jumping off rocks, for eating fresh octopuses, for a car tour or for leisurely boat afternoons. And it’s so close!
The beaches of Zakynthos are anything but ordinary. You can choose between the beach with the carriage turtles and the beach Navagio with the shipwrecked ship. Travel around Zakynthos by car or ATV or board a boat to see the bizarre arches of the Blue Caves.
The favorite Bulgarian peninsula with three arms awaits you this summer with its various beaches, cozy campsites and coastal villas meters from the sea. The biggest advantage of Halkidiki is that it is close and only a few hours drive to the dream beach.
Few places can be said to be a tourist attraction for more than a hundred years – the island of Corfu is among them. The greenest Greek island awaits you with its endless possibilities for walks, beach, ruins and sailing and is a place that will not bore you.
Crete is an island with long beaches, deep gorges that open to the sea, and a colorful mix of Greek, Ottoman and Venetian, which can be seen on the streets of Chania, Heraklion and Rethymnon. It is also a place with a wonderful mild climate, where even the summer is not scorching hot because of the meltemi winds.
Santorini is undoubtedly the superstar of the Greek islands – a place where tourists from all over the world, even Hollywood stars, rest. Due to the volcanic activity here the beaches are in several colors – there are black, red and gold. But what catches the breath of visitors are the views of dazzling white buildings with blue shutters on the windows and flower bushes in the courtyards, as well as the most famous sunset on the island – the one above the roofs of the town of Oia.
Rhodes has a lot of history – from one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World (the Colossus of Rhodes destroyed by an earthquake) through the remnants of the time of the Crusaders and the Ottomans. In addition, there are golden beaches and green hills.
And all your life you will not be able to travel around all the Greek islands, but why not try a car rental from Pro rent a car.