Travel in the mountains by car rental from Sofia, Bansko or Borovets

Feel the sun on your body and face! Go to the mountains and see nature in its truest beauty when you travel in the mountains by car rental. And why not the perfect place to retire for your next vacation? There are various activities you can do in the fresh air such as hiking, climbing, fishing, canoeing, skiing, and camping. For easier access, use an off-road SUV, because mountain roads are not suitable for standard or luxury class cars.

Pro rent a car can provide you with rental cars of all classes’ economy, standard, luxury, and SUV. Also, a car with automatic speeds for your healthy walk, be it in the mountains, at sea, or elsewhere.

There are many health benefits of a summer vacation in the mountains, here are the top 7 reasons why you should book your next summer vacation in the mountains!


Visiting the mountains for even a few days can lead to sudden weight loss. The reason is that high altitude reduces appetite and makes us feel full. If you like pizza and burgers, but want to lose weight, go visit the mountains!

Reduces heart problems when you travel in the mountains by car rental

Altitude creates another health benefit. It can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease because dilute oxygen helps build new blood vessels to increase oxygen flow. It also reduces the risk of coronary heart disease. People (especially women) living at high altitudes are less likely to die from a heart attack. Scientific evidence shows that living at high altitudes can lead to healthier hearts.

Fresh air 

Being in the mountains allows the lungs to breathe oxygen that does not contain polluted gases. Fresh air helps with respiratory problems and makes breathing easier for asthmatics. The most common aroma in the mountains is pine. Studies show that this pleasant scent reduces irritation, depression, and stress.

Builds happiness 

Not all health benefits from a mountain holiday are physical, they can be emotional. Lavender, which grows on mountain slopes, is known to help with depression and improve sleep. If you feel depressed or unhappy, go for a walk in the mountains. A new study has found quantitative evidence that walking for 90 minutes in nature can lead to a lower risk of depression compared to walking for 90 minutes in the city.

Great for connections 

Walking in the mountains is a great time to connect with family and friends. Overcoming obstacles and climbing peaks is a great way to strengthen relationships with loved ones by encouraging each other and developing trust.

Finding internal balance

The mountains can help you find your inner peace and balance in life by rediscovering the beauty of nature and its amazing ability to create life. Throughout human history, people have turned to the mountains to find peace and beauty. Constant encounters with various sounds smell and noises trigger special connections in the brain that calm the nerves and are unexcitable in urban conditions.

Set new limits

One of the most valuable health benefits of a mountain holiday is to be more aware of your own capabilities. When you are out, you are constantly reminded of your own capabilities. Even when you feel that fear is emerging, setting new personal boundaries helps you achieve your goals and begin to discover new strengths in yourself. Hiking, climbing, mountain biking, or rafting require an adventurous side.