In the Valley of Roses and Thracian Kings with Rent a car Sofia

Rentacar Sofia – Definitely, Bulgaria is proud of its incredible history and many remarkable destinations, but the Rose Valley near the town of Kazanlak has special tribute and historical importance. We, the team of Rent a Car Sofia, offer you incredibly colorful and exciting journey to endless gardens with roses, combined with cultural and archaeological heritage of the Thracians on our lands.

Kazanlak is the centre of the Rose Valley actually. It is interesting that there is also the best preserved and largest Thracian tomb included in the list of cultural sites by UNESCO.

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Undoubtedly, the Holiday of Rose is one of the most remarkable festivals in Bulgaria, dedicated to beauty and flowers. It is held in the last week of May and in the beginning of June, because this time is the period when the proverbial rose blooms. It was held in 1903 for the first time. Large exhibitions of flowers and roses and marches to Shipka Monastery were organized and also charitable funds for poor families and sick people were collected then. Though exactly now is not a season of roses, undoubtedly there is plenty to see in the town of Kazanlak and its environs. Maybe we will rise your interest with the fact that only there is the Museum of Rose, which is only one of its kind worldwide.

There you can see more than 15 000 exhibits related to rose-picking and rose production in Bulgaria. All this includes original photographs and instruments of gardening in rose gardens, storage containers of rose oil and rose water. One of the biggest attractions is authentic container for extraction of rose oil, which was last used in 1947, but to this day still radiates a wonderful scent of roses.

The very museum has moved into a new, huge and modern building consisting of huge galleries, a special room for tastings and even room for rose oil making. There are also conference halls, a cafe to have a rest and even a playground for kids. You can visit the museum everytime all the year round, there is a guide, and in the vicinity there are nice small hotels for rest and relaxation. Prices vary from 39 to 60 lv. per night per person, and the hotels offer you indoor swimming pool and souvenir shops. Undoubtedly, everybody of you would especially like to see and to touch the process of rose oil making. Therefore the team of Pro rent-a- car would take you to the “Lema” Rose boiling factory. You can visit it during all the year round, while even in winter season it is free and the guide is provided, who acquaints visitors with the species of rose which the rose oil is produced from and Centennial cauldron for rose flowers boiling. The rose boiling factory is situated at the edge of the town of Kazanlak, only in 1 km from the “Kazanlak” hotel.

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And besides being a symbol of the rose and notorious rose oil this lovely part of our country is called as Valley of the Thracian Kings with pride. It is necessary and almost required to stop and to see Thracian tomb in the city when you visit the town of Kazanlak . It is included in the list of the world cultural heritage of UNESCO and there is an exact copy of it and everything inside it in the scale 1:1 near it. In the tomb funeral of two people was carried out during the III century BC, and the scenes in the entrance and main hall express a historical event in the life of a noble Thracian ruler buried in the tomb. The royal couple is crowned with laurel wreaths and opposite the entrance the figures of a man and a woman and waited around them servants are depicted. Access to the tomb is perennial, there is a guide and a shop for souvenirs and information materials near the entrance.

From the Thracian tomb of the city we immediately carry you over to another no less interesting and famous tourist site – Historical Museum “Iskra”, which is among the oldest, richest and most famous regional museums in Bulgaria. It keeps over 50 000 original exhibits of material and spiritual culture of the Kazanlak region in the sections of archeology, modern history, Bulgarian Revival. Interest for visitors are collection of bone sickles, jewelry and costumes, as well as firearms and fine ceramics. And in one of the halls there are most newly discovered gold, silver and bronze artifacts of Thracian temples and tombs in the region. Complete gold and silver horse trappings, and rare collections of coins during that period are worth seeing. The museum works all the year round, there is a convenient location of restaurants and hotels for relaxation and leisure near it.

If we interested you and you wish to visit the Valley of Roses and Kazanlak region – do not hesitate. Our cars are at your disposal, meeting your wishes and intentions. If you trust us, we will try to make your walk comfortable, convenient and safe – with car rental from  rent a car Sofia.