At the seaside in Nessebar with Pro Rent-a-Car Sofia

Car rentals Sofia – Undoubtedly, our dear native land has a lot of beautiful and picturesque places, and with rent-a-car Sofia you have a real possibility to visit any of them. Today, for example, we offer you a virtual tour at the worldly famous sea resort of Nessebar.

The town of Nessebar is situated in the south-eastern part of Bulgaria, near to Burgas and Sunny Beach resort. When you visit it you have a lot of things to see – various historical sights, beautiful beaches, vast blue sea… It would be interesting to know that, for example, there are 44 churches found in Nessebar by today, while only 18 from them are preserved at the present time. Walkingi in the town, you will have a possibility to see the churches of St. Sofia, St. John the Baptist, St. Paraskeva and many others, and the church of St. John  Aliturgetos, eastern facade of which is facing directly to the sea,  is known as the most beautiful of them.

Of course, you can not pass and the Archaeological Museum, where very beautiful and original exposition “Nessebar over the centuries” is made,  it shows different monuments and exhibits from Mesemvria and Medieval Nessebar. Also you will see the Diploma which confirms that the Old Town of Nessebar is included in the list of monuments of the world cultural heritage.  You can observe the 4 halls of the museum and the foyer every day from 09:00 a.m. till 08:00 p.m., at a small price of 6 lv. for adults and 3 lv. for children with an option of a talk with a guide.

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Walking down the streets of Nessebar, you will be impressed by the typical buildings of the Black Sea seaside houses, real windmills at the different places of the town and a lot of fountains. The Old Town of Nessebar is a little peninsula connected to the rest of the town by long narrow road. It is possible that somebody doesn’t know that this town is one of the most ancient towns in the world, built more than 3200 years ago, and undoubted interest would be  caused by the fortress of Messemvria, situated in the very heart of it.  The interesting fact is that the oldest walls of the fortress are from the V century B.C. and are made only of stone blocks, being put there during the centuries.

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And if you decide to combine inquisitive and useful with pleasure, the town of Nessebar will pleasantly surprise you with many of its houses for recreation, hotels, water parks and other entertainment. For the prices from 60 to 200 lv. for a room the hotels offer to your attention variety of amenities and extras, and little cosy family houses will meet you at a price from 10-25 lv. for a person for a night. Additional entertainments for children can be provided when visiting the water park of “Paradise”, which is situated between Nessebar and Ravda and is one of the largest and most modern water parks in Balkans – for  the price from 20 to 40 lv. for the full day you will enjoy the amazing attractions, delicious cocktails and plenty of fun.

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