Historical treasures of the Northwest with Pro Rent-a-Car – Part I

Car hire airport Sofia – With the coming of autumn, ending of vacations and crazy summer nights, we somehow inevitably pass at some stage of lethargy and daily routine. We, the team of  Rent a car Sofia, invite you on a short autumn tour of the northwestern part of our beautiful country of Bulgaria. The tour of wonderful sights, as well historical as natural, will raise your mood and charge you with positive emotions and… of course, it will be comfortable and convenient with a car rented from us.
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As a first destination we offer you Archeological complex of “Kaleto” near the town of Mezdra, which is situated at the left bank of the river Iskar. The place is a key location, as there have crossed important roads connecting  Danube valley with Sofia field and Eastern Bulgaria with Western Bulgaria. The fortress there was a large craft centre during the Copper Age, and one of the largest finds there –  “Sanctuary Tower” has no analogue in Bulgaria. In 2013 the entire complex was restored and became a tourist destination, and finds from the excavations are exposed in the exhibition hall. You can visit this centre of the medieval culture every day from 10 a.m. till 6 p.m., and on Saturday and Sunday – from 11 a.m. till 19 p.m. Immediately after this useful historic walk it is time for unique and breathtaking beauty of our country. Undoubtedly, everyone has heard about the famous Ledenika cave, and now it’s a moment to visit it and to enjoy amazing natural scenery, tranquility and relaxation. The cave is situated in the nature park of “Vrachansky Balkan” only in 16 km from the town of Vratsa. Ledenika cave is declared an official landmark, included in the list of 100 National Tourist Sites and is one of the most beautiful caves on the territory of Bulgaria. It’s name comes from huge stalactites and stalagmites that are formed on the entrance during the winter season. The interior of the cavern consists of several rooms, the temperature inside is -7 to -15 degrees and the humidity is 90%. Another interesting fact is that here you can see a cave beetle “svetlomrazets” here, which lives in extraordinary darkness and dies at daylight. This insect is found only there and nowhere else in the world. Outside the cave, in the  park you can see various attractions, such as the show “Sound and Light”,  which includes sound and light choreography, and with the help of laser projectors and natural rock formations, you will be surprised by the figures of “Giant,” ” The house of Baba Yaga “,” Ink Bottle “and much more. And if children are with you for a walk, they will undoubtedly remain fascinated by the Fairy Tale Alley, where you can meet characters from fairy tales depicted as large statues. As a next destination we recommend the mount Okolchitsa, also known as Vola peak, which is situated in the Vratsa part of Balkans in 20 km from the town of Vratsa. It is known for the memorial to the great revolutionery Hristo Botev and  his detachment died back in 1876 for the liberation of Bulgaria from Ottoman rule which is erected on the mount. It is the very point where the final battle  of  Botev’s detachment took place and for the perpetuation of the brave revolutionaries there was erected 35 meter monument in the shape of a cross. You can reach comfortably by an asphalt road to this part of the 100 National Tourist Sites, and if you wish to see the town of Vratsa, you can walk along the eco-path “Road of Botev”. But before setting out on this exciting journey, we suggest you check the History Museum in Vratsa, created at the dawn of the Bulgarian Revival and also included in the 100 National Tourist Sites.

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For lovers of history there are special rooms exposing different stages of development of the region. For the curious, we can say that Rogozen treasure that is the biggest ancient Thracian treasure is stored there, the history of Vratsa during the Bulgarian Revival, as well as curious and historical facts about Hristo Botev and his detachment. And after a long and tiring walk, the city has a very cozy and affordable family hotels, lovely restaurants and places for recreation. For example, a double room can cost you from 25 to 50 levs per night, depending on your preference. Exciting, isn’t it? Breathtaking natural sceneries, rich culture and historical images and facts – this is only a part of your and our journey through the Northwestern part of Bulgaria. Expect a second part of this exciting adventure where we have prepared more interesting places and beautiful experiences. If you’re a little intrigued at least and you are already planning your next vacation, trust us – with a rental car from Rent a car Sofia your trip will depend solely on you.