Types of Drivers We Meet On The Roads

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All drivers have at some point experienced road rage or themselves being enraged. It so happens that we as humans are complex people who sometimes do silly things and then get mad about it. In this article we will take a more humorous look at some of the drivers you can see on the road, while driving your vehicle. If you see yourself in any of these, don’t be offended, but smile and try to react better next time. It is all a joke, after all. And don’t forget that if you need a vehicle, you can always use our rental services and have a car right away.

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The first type of driver is the music enthusiast. He is so knowledgeable about music, that he thinks you should know about his tastes in sound, too. So don’t be surprised when you see a car with the windows down, blasting some heavy beat, making you wоnder at which point this will turn out to be breaking the law. Of course, if they are listening to some strange stuff, you can just mistake it for engine sounds.

Then there is the well-known road rager. We’ve all been there and have probably raged for something pretty minor. But there are people out there, who would constantly rage about stuff, like if every day is their worst day on this earth. They are probably the most infamous of all drivers.

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And we cannot go without mentioning their complete opposite – the ever happy driver. This is the one that will always let you pass and nothing shakes him. You may make a super dumb mistake, but they will just brush it off and tell you everything is fine when you try to apologize. Then they will always let you pass in front of them, although it may mean the anger of the cars behind, because you don’t really have the right of way at this junction.

And of course, the little brother of the ever happy driver – the new driver. He will too give way to other cars, but mostly because he is so afraid of not making a mistake that he doesn’t really pay that much attention to road signs – unless they are speed signs, which the new driver adheres to strictly – even when driving in the fast lane.

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And how can we not mention the tuning fan? He, of course, has his car in nice matte finish, except on his hood, where it imitates carbon fiber. His rims are obviously too big for the car, but who cares, it looks ah-may-zing. Or it would look amazing if the car wasn’t some old thing, way past its lifespan, but with everything changed – from the engine to the look. He will always claim that this is an amazing car, a jewel of the old times. Well, to each his own.

Lastly, there’s the racer. You don’t have to have a nice car, in order to be the speedster of the roads. All you need is careful attention to the gas pedal – that is you press it down as much as possible, trying not to lift your foot ever. If you have ever been a passenger in such a car, you’d know the feeling of never wanting to get back in again.

We hope you liked our humorous article on the different types of drivers out there. Stay safe on the roads and drive carefully!
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