Walking in Sofia environs with Rent a car

Car hire airport Sofia – Without any doubt Bulgaria is a country rich with sights and cultural and historical places which are worth seeing, and if you are already wondering what to begin with, we, the team of Rent a car will draw your route. There are few time remained for the walking and rest in our busy everyday life, but there are amazing nature and cultural sigts within the environs of Sofia, which can be visited quickly and easy with the car rental from  Rent a car Sofia.

Dragalevsky monastery of Saint Mary which had set as an important literary and cultural centre during XV-XVI centuries is situated only in 3 km from Sofia, in the foothills of Vitosha. Still acting as a convent it consists of a church and several commercial and residential buildings. It is interesting that this monastery was main at the times of the Tsar Ivan Shishman and it enjoyed special royal privileges. It was often visited by Vassil Levski during 1871-1872. The very church was declared as a cultural memorial , and its whole vault inside is devoted to composition “Doomsday” – one can see amazingly beautiful frescoes of Christ wrapped in lights and surrounded by apostles and angels, and also how during the second coming the land and the sea dispose victims and many other amazing and breathtaking views. You can reach the monastery with the car of  Rent a car Sofia by asphalt road, the monastery works every day from 8,30 to 18,00 all the year round. After this remarkable place we will show you another one which is no inferior and even more impressive – we speak about Boyan church of St. Nikolas nd st. Panteleimon. This monastery is situated in the foothills of Vitosha also, and the road presents no difficulty with the car rental from Sofia. Boyan church is declared as a cultural heritage of UNESCO. It is one of the few remained medieval memorials, showing us greatly the contribution of Bulgarian art in the European cultural space. An interesting fact here is that only in this place you can see portraits of Bulgarian royal family at the time – King Constantine Asen and his wife Irina. The monastery works all the year round, there are provided individual visits, tour with a guide in Bulgarian and foreign languages, and the entrance is free for children up to school age and people with special needs. Still, if organized transport is not to your liking, we, the team of Рent a car Sofia will respond to your needs.