Rental car according to your zodiac

When we buy a car we rarely have the opportunity to choose only by color, shape or design elements. But when we rent a car we have the freedom to experiment, to be eccentric and even to be reckoned with superstitious. What rental car will suit you according to your zodiac sign?

Aries – The representatives of this sign are fans of the high speed. They enjoyed fast and furious cars in bright colors.

Taurus – They appreciate the comfort and the high-end cars, but usually they are more practical with their decisions. They will rent a car that combines both. A good choice for them are Lexus or Volvo.

Gemini – According to their motto “I think” they would choose a rental car that gives them security and safety on the road. Suitable for them Audi or Volvo.

Cancer – Timid and shy by nature they prefer small and maneuverable cars. Logical choice for them is Renault or Hyundai.

Leo – As the epitome of royalty and artistry this sign needs a luxury car with a driver. The choice for him are Mercedes S320 or MASERATI GranTurismo from the auto fleet of

Virgo – As a practical sign they will choose something economical that is easy to maintain and always ready for the road. Renault Clio and Toyota Prius is the right option for them.

Libra – If the representatives of the sign had this opportunity, they would rent different car every day. Therefore convertible is the right compromise for them.

Scorpio – strong and independent, following their motto – “I wish,” Scorpions prefer cars in black or red with tinted windows.

Sagittarius – The driving force for this zodiac sign are the journeys and the adventures. They will choose terrain vehicle for example and it will be only as a compromise cause they can not rent an airplane .

Capricorn – The deserved confidence and desire to make a good impression determines the Capricorn choice – Mercedes. Model S320 automatic is waiting for you in our auto fleet.

Aquarius – They love the freedom and the comfort. For them important are the additional extras in cars like AUDI and BMW.

Pisces – They appreciate the versatility and the convenience. For them very suitable are city-type cars. They are easy to park cars and have less fuel consumption.